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Malcom G. Stevens, Inc. - Offers a range of foundry and die casting supplies.

Maruti Protectives - India. Produces waxes for investment casting industry. Versions includes pattern waxes with and without fillers, as well as water soluble core, adhesive, and patching types. Site incorporates detailed product specifications.

Mayo Engineering - Supplies new and used foundry equipment for investment, sand, die, gravity die, pressure die and shell casting. Complete foundries considered for purchase.

MECC-USA - Heavy equipment and engineering for the world-wide steel market.

Metko Hüttenes Albertus - Turkey. Specializes in manufacture and supply of foundry auxiliary products, primarily in the form of synthetic resin-based binders and coatings.

MIFCO - The electronic commerce site for McEnglevan Industrial Furnace Co. Accessory items and foundry supplies can be purchased directly, on-line.

Miller and Company LLC - An integrated and diversified suppliers of raw materials to the ferrous foundry and steel industries.

o.d.t. Engineering Pty. Ltd. - Australian company specializing in equipment and production consumables for aluminium casthouses. Includes vertical and horizontal casting machines for billets, rolling ingots, and T-bars.

Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd - No-bake foundry and ancillary equipment, core shooters, gamma vator, mould manipulator, sand production, sand mixers, die casting, sand reclamation.

Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, Inc. - No bake foundry equipment is designed and built to withstand the demands of metalcasting facilities.

Pattern-Make Industries - Offers information about this pattern design and fabrication firm. Based in India.

PEK Machinery Company - Melting, molding, mullers. Member AFS, MDNA and AMEA Certified Appraiser. Contact Eugene Elstein.

Peterboro Tool Co., Inc. - Using the latest in CAD/CAM and CNC technology, provides wax injection molds for the investment casting industry, since 1971.

Precision Foundry Tooling - Foundry tooling - patterns, core boxes, core masks, and molds for the foundry industry, including laempe, disa, and shalco. Rapid prototypes, CAD design and modeling. Serving Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota.

Prumyslovy Servis - Features material for foundries such as steel shot, steel grits, corundum grits, coated sands, coatings, foundry vents, and anvils. Based in the Czech Republic.

QUAD Engineering - Offers machinery and a complete range of engineering services to the steel mill industry.

R.J. Cyr Co. Inc. - Canada. Manufactures scrap preheaters for electric induction foundries. Objective is improvement of furnace performance and reduction of melt deck labor in melting steel and cast iron metals. Site includes demonstration video.

Rapid Products Solutions, Inc. - Precision stereolithography prototypes and models. Patterns for secondary molding operations. QuickCast patterns for investment casting. Design conversions to 3D solid CAD.

Refractech Pty. Ltd. - Australian manufacturers of refractory products and supplies for foundries as well as the petrochemical, and power generation industries.

Reliant Pattern Inc - Offering fixture and poly die patterns for automotive, restoration, foundry and robotic parts.

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