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Lebanon Finished Products - Provides zinc electroplating, stainless steel passivation, electropolishing, and powder coating services.

Lincoln Plating - Offers electroplating, anodizing, chrome plating, black oxide, passivation, brite dip, cadmium, chromate, and electroless nickel plating.

Macrodevelopments (Portsmouth) Ltd. - UK. Specializes in plating and metal finishing, particularly for aluminum, copper, and steel alloys. Includes hard anodizing and wide range of plating capabilities. Site provides details of each service.

Mag Group - Two companies located in India offering sheet metal fabrication and finishing services and undertaking industrial electrification contracts.

Marami Metal Plating - Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Specializes in electroless nickel and hard chrome plating, with added capabilities for providing galvanizing, tin and copper plating, machining, and finishing services.

Masuda Industrial Co., Ltd. - Offers metal finishing services including plating, chemical conversion coating, and painting. Based in Japan.

Metal Industries Inc. - Provides electroplating and powder coating services. Includes electroless nickel, gold, nickel, silver, tin, and tin/bismuth plating. Coatings available in epoxies, urethanes, polyesters, and hybrids in assorted colors.

MetalArt Company Pty. Ltd. - Australia. Specializes in provision of electroplating, powdercoating, and metal polishing services. Site gives details of capabilities.

Millcreek Metal Finishing - Provides full spectrum of plating and finishing services. Includes anodizing, passivating, phosphating, pickling, and cadmium, copper, gold, silver, tin, and zirconium plating.

Milwaukee Plating Company - Provides industrial electroplating services include silver, tin, zinc, copper, nickel and chrome, along with degreasing, polishing and buffing processes.

Modesto Plating - Offers copper, nickel, brass, chrome plating and powder coating services.

MPP Metal Finishing - Experience in electroplating and anodizing since 1937.

New Brunswick Plating - Metal finishing specialists since 1932 mastering the art and science of electroplating complex and tight tolerance parts.

New England Chrome Plating - Provides full range of plating and finishing services. Includes chrome, brass, copper, gold, nickel, silver, zinc, and powder coating. Market is mainly home and auto products.

Northwest Industrial Coatings - Provide powder coating colors and industrial coatings such as ceramics, heat dissipation, and friction modifiers. From Organ, US.

Pacific Plating Limited - Canadian company providing chrome, nickel, and zinc plating and finishing services. Associate fabrication company specializes in manufacture of metal chair frames for education, hospital, and hotel markets.

Plating Systems and Technologies, Inc. - Processes for mechanical plating and mechanical galvanizing ("peen plating") provide corrosion protection without hydrogen embrittlement.

PMD Group - UK. Offers variety of plating and powder coating services. Focus is on sub-contract work in broad range of finishes, but also offers related chemicals, equipment, and plant engineering. Site provides links to details of capabilities.

Poeton Industries Limited - Offers a range of surface engineering solutions including metal coatings and thermal spraying.

PPS Limited - Provides metal preparation and finishing services to automotive, aircraft and general industrial marketplace.

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